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Concrete finishing is a fast, economical way to create a beautiful and enduring floor for your home or business. We create the look of marble or polished stone at a fraction of the cost. This look can be appplied in an overall application or in a pattern of your specification. We offer two different methods of concrete finishing, depending on the existing conditions and the desired look. If you’re looking for design ideas, take a look at our gallery. Also, we’d be happy to consult with you at no additional cost.

Hybrid Portland Cement Skimcoat

concrete compound spread over existing concrete floor in a thin layer to create a new, decorative finish

We use Skimstone brand hybridized portland cement material to create beautiful new finishes over concrete and other substrates. For ideas on how to finish your floors, see the Idea Gallery at

Concrete Staining

translucent color stain applied directly the existing concrete finish

For applications where the existing concrete floor or driveway is in good condition, we use Kemiko brand concrete stains to enhance the natural look of the concrete, creating long-lasting, durable and beautful floor treatments. See for examples and design ideas.

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